Toshi Sunhat - Tex Fire

Product Description

A bold new take on the classic Toshi Tex design, the Toshi Sunhat Tex Fire will look great teamed with any outfit this summer. The sunhat features a stylish and versatile red colour that's sure to be loved by parents and kids alike. 

A favourite sunhat design here at Summer Lane, the Toshi Sunhat Tex is loved for its comfortable style and the excellent sun protection it provides.
The Tex Sunhat has an outer of 100% cotton, so it's breathable all year round. 
Other benefits of this design include the chin toggle-tie, which can quickly be adjusted for comfort, as well as providing extra security for kids prone to taking their hats off, or for windy days. There's also a clever crown toggle-tie, which allows you to easily adjust the fit, ensuring the most comfortable fit.


  • Bold and versatile red colour with grey lining
  • Soft, wide brim for excellent sun protection
  • Head toggle for adjustable sizing
  • Chin toggle for security
  • Lightweight cotton outer for comfort & breathability
  • Designed in Australia

Material Outer: 100% cotton
Material Inner: Polyester & Cotton

Toshi Headwear Size Chart